Psychotherapy  .  Hypnotherapy  .  Spirit Guide-Healing

with Dr TruthSayer, DAOM, LMFT, CRC, EMDR, SHAMAN

Mind-Emotion-Spirit:  Conventional Psychotherapy Plus

Dr TruthSayer, DAOM, LAC, LMFT, CRC, CHT, CAC provides treatment for adults, children, individuals, couples, families, and groups in her beautiful central Marin office.  Patients seeking psychological, emotional, or spiritual help receive caring and understanding with perceptive insight, focused listening at the deepest levels, and extremely smart tools that she has crafted out of over30 years of experience.  

Amazing Range and Power of Therapies and Tools

Dr TruthSAyer helps change lives with an amazing range of powerful therapies and tools. 

Shamanic Teacher and Guide, she helps folks find and walk their spiritual path with Dreamwork, Past Life Re-visiting, and

Trance State Journeying.

Numerous advanced licenses, degrees, certifications, psychic intuition and her own developed treatments include: Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy, Rehabilitation Counseling, Drug, Alcohol,  & Chemical Dependency Counseling, Play Therapy, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Therapies, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Self-Esteem and Personal Transformation,  Specialized Acupuncture Techniques, EMDR,  Anger Management, Transcendental Acupuncture (Taoist Classical Chinese Medicine), Past Life Regression, Energetic Therapies including Transcendental Essences, and Traditional Chinese Medicine. As importantly, patients benefit  from her passionate dedication to bring healing to those in need.

Purpose and Mission: To Facilitate Life Changing Transformation

Patients frequently describe the process with Dr TruthSayer and the healing that results as life-changing and transformational, which is her purpose and her mission for the sacred work she says is spirit inspired. They report making major life shifts that bring gifts of more

power, more choice, better health, a new happiness, more self-esteem, personal growth, and improved relationships with themselves and with others.

*Transcendental Acupuncture: Spirit Healing Therapy inspired by Ancient Chinese Medicine

This therapeutic technique uses Ancient Taoist Classical Chinese Acupuncture to help access and heal Spirit. It accesses where Spirit Infuses Matter in the body, and catalyzes shifts in consciousness. Developed by Dr TruthSayer, in this treatment she combines the most ancient Chinese Acupuncture, and her own psychic-intuition with modern Psychotherapy to provide remarkably rapid transformation that simultaneously affects emotional, psychological, conscious and subconscious, esoteric, and energetic levels.

*Transcendental Essences Reading & Remedy

Dr TruthSayer completes a psychic-energetic "reading" to diagnose the emotional distress(es) which forms the basis for treatment.

She then prepares a remedy of specially selected homeopathic essences  which she combines into a remedy that produces

almost instant relief and with repeated use, yields transformative healing.  Because the diagnosis and resolution take place on

non-verbal levels, the patient doesn't have to explain or discuss their distress, so even babies and pets can be successfully diagnosed

and treated with outstanding results. For older children and adults verbal processing can be profitable to launch deeper awareness and transformation.


Hypnotherapy is a state of highly focused inward attention and concentration, deep relaxation, and heightened suggestibility in which the subconscious, rather than the rational, logical, judgemental conscious mind is accessed.  The subconscious runs your body's systems and your deeply programmed responses.  In hypnotic trance you have the ability to use your mind more powerfully, create new thoughts, attitudes, and behaviors,, eliminate negative and  intensify positive feelings,  find new solutions to problems, unlock old habit patterns and  institute new healthy ones, and better understand underlying motivations.  Dr TruthSAyer, as hypnotherapist, is the guide, to assist your process with tools and techniques, breath work, visualization, and relaxation but you are always in full awareness and control. 


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