​Specializing in Alternative Cancer Treatment

Dr TruthSayer  specializes in cutting edge, Aternative Cancer Treatment. 

Studies reveal that when combined with mainstream chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery, Alternative and Chinese Medicine

significantly improves outcomes such as tumor shrinkage, reduced complications, lowered rates of relapse, and

extended rates of patient survival.  

Alternative  Cancer treatments are shown to improve the quality of life during and after conventional cancer treatment.

They report reduction or elimination of the many negative side effects of conventional treatments including pain, 

neuropathy, immune suppression, depression, hormonal dysfunction, nausea, vomiting, severe dryness, severe fatigue,  

and insomnia.

For better outcomes many conventional protocols now combine treatment with Alternative and Chinese Medical treatment.

A Wholistic Definition of Disease, Diagnosis, and Treatment

From our experience, disease isn't isolated and separated, fenced off, or self-contained.  It's roots and affects can spread

across the entire terrain of the body and affect mind, emotion and spirit.

We find that the process of instigating health and recovery is best served by engaging wholistically, bringing all forces

of healing into the process.

Inotherwords,  disease is wholistic so to be effective,  treatment must be wholistic.

 Accordingly, we find that health is best restored when the whole complex, inter-connectedness of the

disease matrix, it's roots, branches and trunks are precisely and comprehensively diagnosed and treated

everywhere and at all levels. When all systems of the patient are strengthened and nourished,  energies  balanced,

and intention to heal is  marshalled, the innate  will toward wellness gains a powerful edge to fight against disease

and wellness results.


Comprehensive, Accurate, In-Depth Diagnosis

Our Auricular Medicine Diagnosis Intake is based on Auricular Medicine.

Auricular Medicine is an advanced system that combines Western anatomy and physiology diagnosis with

Chinese Medicine diagnosis and treatment, optimizing results.

The exam requires no disrobing, no laboratory tests, and no invasive procedures.

Yet it allows the doctor to "see" the condition(s) past and current of every body system (digestive, reproductive,

musculoskeletal,etc., the organs (liver, kidneys, spleen, etc.), the eyes, ears, nose and throat, blood pressure,

the beginning of serious health issues before they show up in blood or other tests, and to detect over 200 diseases.  

During and following the exam, information found  is shared with the patient.  Their active participation and

awareness plays a vital role in the diagnosis, treatment planning, and throughout the  healing process.

The Doctor-Therapist completes the diagnosis with a Traditional Chinese Medicine examination, and a very preliminary,

cursory mind-emotion-spirit impression is notated.  A full pertinent medical history, tests, diet, symptoms, drugs,

supplements, is collected.

Individualized Wholistic Treatment Plan

A treatment plan is developed attuned to the complexity and uniqueness of each patient.

The plan will combine the very  best of science and nature, the most advanced alternative and Chinese Medicine, using

expert modern knowledge and ancient experienced wisdom with a goal of achieving the highest

immediate and long term health restoration. 

Transcendental Medicine: A Composite Synthesis to Transform Disease Into Health

Transcendental Medicine, developed by Dr TruthSayer is mind body spirit medicine.

It treats a patient, from the outset as a mind/body/spirit unit which when diseased, is affected on all three levels and

is assesed and treated systematically on all three levels throughout the healing process.

Transcendental Medicine creates a unique synergy of healing, relying on a variety of powerful modalities, medicines,

therapies: Classical​ Chinese Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Auricular Medicine, Transcendental Acupuncture,

Scalp Acupuncture, Qi Gong Medicine, Depth Psychology, Homeopathy, Shamanism, Therepeutic Exercise, Diet,

​Nutrition and Wellness Education, Detoxification, Tonification, Balancing, Supplementation.


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​                pain and by 33% for well-being.

      Dr Kenneth Pelletier 2000, from The Best Alternative Medicine. What Works? What Does Not" Dr Pelletier touts Traditional Chinese Medicine

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                  thousands of studies of cancer patients with most types of cancer and including randomized controlled studies, found Chinese Medicine

                  reduced pain, tumor size, and complications, lowers relapse rates, increased survival rates, and quality of life.  Also, symptoms relieved

                  in 85% of cancer patients in 1,198 patients studied according to Norway's National Research Center in Complementary and Alternative

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                   for patients desiring conventional oncology as well as the benefits for more natural methods, combining conventional treatment with

                   patients "should develop a healing team that could include the oncologist, a practitioner of  acupuncture and herbal pharmacology,

                   and perhaps a nutritionist, psychologist and support group"

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                   of relapse and metastasis.  TCM alone reduces cancer symptoms and pain, improves quality of loife, and prolongs survival time.

                   TCM plays an "irreplaceable role in the comprehensive treatment of advanced non small cell lung cancer."


                    modern-world.html. Paine, Patrick. In China and Japan the mainstream medical opinion is that supplementing chemotherapy

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                    Chinese Medicine Herbs for cancer that are backed by scientific research.

      world health organization: Acupuncture reduces chemotherapy and radiotherapy side effects including nausea, vomiting, and pain.   

        Chinese Medicine  has been practiced in China for over 2500 years. It has proven extremely effective there and worldwide, and more recently esteemed in America since it's introduction in 1972.  It is estimated that over 35% of Americans now rely on Chinese Medicine for their health.  Modern science is just scratching the surface of understanding the many extraordinary constituents in Chinese Herb Medicine, the mechanics and functional source of healing power and scope of Acupuncture,  or the synergy derived when herbs are combined according to Chinese herbal medicine formulation.   Modern scientific investigation worldwide supports its efficacy and safety.

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