FLIRT: Acupuncture for Beauty & Health

          Face Lift-Rejuvenation:  Acupuncture & Micro-Technology


            Immediate amazing results with your first facial beauty-whole body health treatment 




Safe & Effective:  No harsh chemicals or risky surgeries……...

       Conventional facial treatments use harsh chemicals and risky surgeries. Our exclusive Facial Lift & Rejuvenation Treatment (FLIRT),

uses no chemicals, causes no scarring, abrasions, cutting, or scraping. FLIRT is a naturally healthier and safer, option.

A 2-Part  Powerhouse Beauty and Health Treatment…….. 

                      Part One:  Advanced Auricular Acupuncture-Medicine:  Dr TruthSayer's advanced auricular acupuncture/medicine tightens and lifts while restoring your skin's healthy cellular functions. The treatment will improve your face and whole body's blood, oxygen, and energy (qi) circulation, promote the natural elimination of dead cell tissue, and improve your skin's tone, color, and vibrance. No facial needle acupoints are used. This is a very relaxing and comfortable experience.  The acupuncture increases endorphines (body's natural feel good drug) so many fall into a restful sleep during the treatment.  

                       Part Two: Micro-Technology is applied to facial muscles and skin to enhance tightening and lifting, flushing out toxic and dead cellular debris, to complete the overall tonifying  benefits for a beautiful finish to the treatment.

Benefits for All skin types and problems.  Your goals are ours……..

        Everyone has unique differences in skin, wear and tear, amount of sun or wind or climate damage, genetic traits, underlying health, dietary choices, sensitivity, and sometimes, special skin concerns such as rosacea, acne, or eczema.  At your initial treatment, we will listen to your goals, examine and determine your unique profile and recommend a course of treatment based on your aspirations and budget. 

        After you reach your goal, you can come back for one or more treatments or for special occasions or a touch-up, and if you decide to purchase more treatments in the future, ask us about the additional discounts we make available to our continuing clients.

Package Discounts:  The improvements keep building, the cost keeps going down……….

$255 - One Treatment                                                

12 Treatment Package    ($362.50 Discount)

      11th Treatment is 1/2 price

      12th Treatment is FREE          


Package treatments can be used for up to 12 months, and can be assigned or gifted with Transcendental Acupuncture Management's approval.

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Call: 415-453-4352 for an appointment.

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