Dr TruthSayer's  credentials are  impressive, her results are exceptional....

*Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine                                                         

*Diplomate of Oriental Medicine                                                              

*Licensed Acupuncturist

*Master Auricular Medicine 

*Founder of Transcendental Medicine                                      

*Founder of Transcendental Acupuncture 

*Disciple of  Dr Li Chun HuangFounder of  Auricular Medicine 

*Past President California State Oriental Medical Association

*Past Faculty American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine

*Classical Chinese Medicine  Training with  Dr Jeffrey Yuen,  88th Generation Taoist Priest

*Vice President of the World Academy of Auricular Medicine      

*Licensed Marriage, Family, & Child Therapist              

*Master Addictions Counselor

*Certified Rehabilitation Counselor

*Certified Hypnotherapist

*EMDRIA Certified EMDR Practitioner  

*Spiritual Teacher, Guide, Healer

To discuss your condition or schedule an appointment call 415-686-1193

                                "Where there is love, there are great miracles."

  Treating the Whole Person​​

Dr TruthSayer is first and foremost an amazingly gifted healer.  She's  passionate and committed to restoring quality of  life and health  to every patient.  

Her diagnosis and medicines are holistic. They access, diagnose, and treat body, mind, and spirit. thereby getting to the

root cause(s) of disease, for healing beyond symptoms.

Her medicine combines the most ancient Classical Chinese Medicine, Traditional

Chinese Medicine,  Western anatomy and physiology and the brilliance of Auricular Medicine with Qi Gung energetics and

third eye intuitive vision.

Medicines include:

Taoist Classical Chinese Medicine,

​Shamanism, Qi Gong Medicine,

Traditional Chinese Medicine, Alternative

Homeopathic  and Naturopathic Medicine, Auricular Medicine which  combines Western anatomy, physiology, and pathology with advanced Chinese Medicine, and Scalp Acupuncture. 

Auricular Medicine and Scalp Acupuncture  have exceptional and unique benefits for diagnosing and treating neurological  diseases and conditions,

and even bringing significant improvements  to those conditions  conventional medicine is without

a  solution for.

Transcendental Medicine, which Dr TruthSayer developed, uses any or all

of these medicines.

In addition, TM diagnoses and treats psychological-emotional-mental-spiritual aspects impacting or affected by the illness, as it includes modern psychology, hypnotherapy, EMDR, energetic medicine, and 

shamanic-psychic remedies.

​Transcendental Medicine powerfully treats chronic, complex, serious disease. 

For cancer patients, Transcendental

Medicine  reduces or eliminates

the negative side effects of conventional treatments (i.e. radiation, chemo, surgery) especially helping with immune recovery, restoring energy, shrinking 

tumors, extending life, speeding

recovery, eliminating pain, balancing

hormones, and relieving depression.

Transcendental Medicine also specializes

in treating Neurological Conditions with

much success, improving cognitive,

​physical, and emotional functions.


 Treatment Progress:  Rapid improvement is expected. Even in a chronic situation, patients can expect some immediate

improvement. Most patients feel better after the very first treatment. Some issues resolve with one or a few treatments. Chronic  or complex complaints can take longer, but even these can sometimes quickly improve substantially.



About Dr TruthSayer
Clinical Director, Transcendental Acupuncture Clinic

 Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine