Four Levels of Treatment

Because specific patient conditions, treatment needs, and budgets vary,  her clinic​ provides four levels of care:

Target Acupuncture delivers focused, precise, powerful, and typically rapid, often immediate results.  The on-target acupuncture eliminates symptoms such as pain, aches, and inflammation, loss of range   of motion (as in frozen shoulder or tennis elbow), other dysfunction, or for relief and resolution for any   localized complaint.  It is particularly superior for musculoskeletal injuries and conditons.  1st Visit includes diagnosis and acupuncture treatment                                
$130.00   All follow up visits include diagnosis & acupuncture treatment 

 Target Acupuncture PLUS packs the whallop of Target Acupuncture with additional diagnosis and    treatment to enhance or extend treatment or benefit adjacent involved areas.    The PLUS may   include one or more of  the following modalities:  electrical acupuncture, mineral heat, cupping,   additional acupuncture pathway(s)  or secondary acupuncture treatment, moxibustion, etc...   1st Visit includes diagnosis and acupuncture treatment                              
$175.00   All follow up visits include diagnosis & acupuncture treatment  

​Comprehensive Auricular Medicine unleashes the full range and extraordinary healing power of  Auricular Medicine diagnosis and  treatment and Traditional Chinese Medicine, treatment for major heath conditions. from a range of available modalities (Scalp Acupuncture, Classical Taoist Chinese  Medicine (Transcendental    Acupuncture), Transcendental Essence Therapy (Homeopathy, Herbal  Essences, Shamanic Energetics), and Chinese Herbal Medicine.     It starts with a 1 1/2  to 2 hour entire body Auricular Diagnosis covering all body systems (digestive,    cardiovascular, musculoskeletal, endocrine, respiratory, gynecological, neurological), plus   Traditional Chinese Medicine diagnosis.

The patient's past, present and potential future state of health and disease are assessed.   Current medicines, supplements, diet and lifestyle are charted as well. Diagnostic findings are    summarized and prioritized.  A Treatment Plan is prepared and shared in consultation with   Dr TruthSayer.  Both patient and doctor commit to the plan.  Immediate and continuing​   improvements are expected. 

1st Visit Auricular Diagnosis 1 1/2 to 2 Hours          $300.00    Treatment Plan Consultation   90.00 

Treatment with 1st Visit Auricular Diagnosis     85.00     

Scalp Acupuncture  Treatment 200.00    

All follow up visits includes diagnosis and treatment.