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Mind-Body Healthy Weight-Loss Program


          Why this Program Works, .........  When other programs fail:


          Multi-faceted: Support Group - Hypnotherapy - Diet Plan - Detoxification- Acupuncture - Naturopathics


            80% of Americans are overweight. Excess weight is a symptom of underlying health issues.

            Our program includes the power of Chinese Medicine to improve your body's  health (digestive, metabolic, eliminative, etc)  and balance. 


            Healthy Food Choices: Unlike a fad diet, our program provides health-giving individualized food guidance.

            There is a proven causal connection between food choices and obesity, cancer, diabetes, and heart problems.            


            There is always an emotional as well as physical component to weight gain or loss.  

            Transform mind-emotional patterns using hypnotherapy and supportive on-going group sharing talk sessions.


        Here's what's included in our comprehensive 8 Week Weight Loss Program:

        *GROUP SUPPORT (8 SESSIONS): As your body and self-image make positive changes, weekly sessions let you share and process

                feelings, reactions, experiences, and obstacles in a supportive, safe, non-judgmental place.

          *AURICULAR DIAGNOSIS: (2 SESSIONS) -  Health assessment pertaining to the program's focus, establishes  a baseline to

                measure changes,  or make adjustments as needed.

           *TARGET ACUPUNCTURE (5 TREATMENTS): Assists, balances, and strengthens your thyroid/adrenal/endocrine & digestive/eliminative       

                functions, improves energy, nourishes emotions and spirit,  and eliminates cravings, with the power of focused Auricular Acupuncture.

        *HYPNOTHERAPY (3 SESSIONS): Cutting back on Addictive foods such as sugar, chocolate, cookies, potato chips, can cause severe 

               withdrawal symptoms.  Hypnotherapy can eliminate cravings and strongly harness the power of your subconscious mind. 

        *DIET & NUTRITION (2 SESSIONS):  We provide research & experience based food choice guidance. A "Hair Tissue Laboratory Analysis"      

              measures mineral deficiencies, excesses, and imbalances,  heavy metals,  and add further recommendations.

          *IONIC DETOX FOOTBATHS(2 SESSIONS): Ions safely detox liver, gall bladder, kidney, lymphatic system,  remove heavy metals like  

             mercury, poisons, toxic drug  and environmental residues, improves PH(alkalinity-acid balance), strengthens and increases energy.

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