"Target Acupuncture" is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Dr Li-Chun Huang's Auricular Medicine.     

The outstanding efficacy of  Auricular Medicine is based on thousands of years of Chinese Medicine knowledge and

over 95 years of combined experience, research, and clinical testing of special Auricular Acupuncture points which

can detect and  treat all systems and organs of the body, over 200 diseases and syndromes. and remarkably effective

help for pain and other neurological problems.


Dr. TruthSayer, DAOM, LAC, Dip.OM, LMFT,  Clinical Director and Acupuncturist,  is a Master Auricular Medicine

Practitioner,and disciple of  Dr Huang Li-Chun, the Mother of Auricular Medicine. Dr. TruthSayer created Target Acupuncture, with Auricular and Traditional Chinese Medicine for very precise and targeted Diagnosis & Treatment.

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Due to high demand, we're unable to accommodate walk-ins, and suggest early scheduling.

Transcendental Acupuncture Clinic - 820 Fifth Ave Suite C  -  San Rafael CA 94901

Street-level &  Handicap Accessible -  Off-Street Parking.


PAIN CLINIC      featuring: "Target Acupuncture"  Gets to the BullsEye of the Pain 

                 Targeted & Focused PAIN REDUCTION and ELIMINATION


                  The proven power of 5,000 years of success - Traditional Chinese Medicine

             The precise diagnosis & treatment efficacy of Auricular Medicine Diagnosis 

             ​The speed of nearly instant pain relief - Auricular Medicine Treatment

     *Rapid Pain Elimination

     *Inflammation Reduction

     *For Acute or Chronic Conditions

     *Immediate and Long Term Results

     *Natural & Safe

      *No addictive drugs or dangerous side effects


     *All Natural & Safe - No drug side effects surgeries, device implants, injections


​     Pain is a way of our body talking to us about something seriously wrong.  A narcotic pill stops pain by masking it.

​                  We do more than stop the pain -   We find out and take care of what is causing it.