Chinese Medicine for Infertility with Dr TruthSayer


        10 GOOD REASONS:

        #1      Increased Rate of Success of in-vitro fertilization  from 12-35% to 40-90% when Chinese Medicine  is added.
         #2      Lower cost, Lower Risks: in vitro fertilizations cost $7,500-20,000 per attempt to conceive.  
                   Without Chinese Medicine, women go thro more  in vitro cycles (7 on average) before they conceive or quit.
                    Risks of in vitro fertilization include:  Excessive bleeding, inadvertent damage to adjacent organs such as bowels
                    or bladder, infection, multiple gestations (30% more twins) and unwanted side effects.                  
         #3      Healthier: With Chinese Medicine, mother, father, and  baby are healthier before, during, and after conception.

          #4       Regulates Hormonal Functions:Chinese Medicine regulates the quality and regularity of menstruation and

                       the menstrual cycle, optimizing fertility.

                       It improves ovarian and uterine functions, regulates hormones and balances  estrogen and progesterone.

          #5        HPA Axis::Chinese Medicine  increases  efficiency of the HPA Axis: Hypothalamus, Pituitary, and Adrenal Glands

                       that produce those hormones involved in the menstrual cycle helping conceive and retain the fetus.

          #6        Reduces Stress: Dr TruthSayer's Transcendental Acupuncture reduces emotional-psychological-spiritual anxiety. 

                     Stress is an important contributor to infertility.       

          #7        Opens Pathways, Heals Linings: Dr TruthSayer's Auricular and Body Acupuncture and Medicine eliminate 

                       inflammation and unblock fallopian tube or testicular pathways for passage of sperm to fertilize egg, and heals

                      too thin uterus lining to increase receptivity of sperm and retention of the developing fetus to avoid miscarriage.

          #8        Sperm improved: Acupuncture & Chinese Herbal Medicine  for men improves sperm count and quality. 

          #9        Endometriosis & fibroid tumors:  affect up to 50% of infertile women.  Western Medicine treats with surgery,

                       hysterectomy, or oral contraceptives which terminate the potential for pregnancy.  Both respond very well to

                       Chinese Medicine treatment.

          #10     Elevated levels of FSH: is diagnosed by Western medicine as "ovarian failure".  Chinese Medicine can restore

                      normal levels of FSH.





Dr TruthSayer's Comprehensive Fertility Intake and Treatment Plan

         Initial Comprehensive Health Intake: 

                A 90 minute initial comprehensive fertility intake with Dr TruthSayer  is the first step.  It covers all organs and systems, with emphasis on the reproductive system, reviews current and past health history, and includes relevant diet-nutritional and lifestyle as well as psychological-emotional-spiritual health factors.  Assessment Tools include Traditional Chinese Medicine and Auricular Medicine Diagnosis.

          A Treatment Plan is Prepared:

               Dr TruthSayer establishes a treatment plan including Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine "prescriptions" and additional modalities such as e-stem (electro-acupuncture), moxibustion, tui na (massage), exercises, ear seeds, food/diet/nutritional modification plan, detoxification, hypnotherapy, fung shi, Qi Gung Medicine, Transcendental Flower Essence Therapy, Transcendental Acupuncture, Transcendental Medicine, and more, to create a state of overall health and reproductive health which invites and supports conception.  Continuing Patient education and communication are aimed at increasing Patient awareness and commitment, and changing negative or reinforcing positive patterns .  Based on our experience, rapid and steady improvement is expected.  Re-assessments will be scheduled as progress requires.  Estimated time from Plan implementation to conception is determined.

        Treatments & Course of Treatment:

              Patients are treated two to four times a month.   Patient commitment is essential. Accountability for Patient homework and following the treatment plan is required. For example, a Patient may be given homework to meditate for 10 minutes daily and to create a gratitude list (list of things they are grateful for) to reduce stress. The course of treatment varies depending on each Patient/Couple's condition, needs, and responses. Conception and delivery of a healthy child and improved health of the Patient/Couple are treatment goals.  

        About Dr TruthSayer:

              Doctor of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine (DAOM)    -     Licensed Acupuncturist     -     Board Certified (Diplomate of Oriental Medicine)

              Founder of Transcendental Medicine     -     Founder of Transcendental Acupuncture     -    Certified Hynotherapist

              Past President of California State Oriental Medical Association    -     Past Faculty American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine

              Disciple of Dr Li Chun Huang, Founder of Auricular Medicine    -     Vice President of World Academy of Auricular Medicine

              Dr Jeffrey Yuan 88th Generation Taoist Priest-Studies of Classical Chinese Medicine    -     Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist (LMFT)


For an Appointment or to discuss your situation - Call Dr TruthSayer at 415-686-1193

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