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Proving remarkable healing is possible with natural medicines that are good for the body and the planet

Scalp Acupuncture: A specialized branch of Chinese Medicine that  correlates the latest advances in brain science

with advanced Chinese  Acupuncture techniques, to  help restore function, integration, regeneration, balance,

circulation, movement, energy, and eliminate  pain and  numbness.

Auricular Medicinecutting edge medicine from China able to diagnose and treat all organs and  systems, and has

special immediate and powerful connections  to the brain and central nervous system from external ear microsystems.

Transcendental Medicine:  neurological conditions  affect and cause concurrent psychological, emotional, or

spiritual conditions (i.e. depression, anxiety, disturbed sleep, worry, fear, etc.). Transcendental Medicine  

understands and addresses these wholistically as an integral part of physical/body restorative  treatment.


         Patients with these neurological conditions report being helped:






      INSOMNIA: dream disturbed sleep, difficulty falling asleep, difficulty staying asleep


Dr TruthSayer's Transcendental Medicine 

Developed by Dr TruthSayer, Transcendental Medicine i scientifically advanced medicines

and the wisest proven traditional and ancient medicines for healing neurological conditions at their deepest roots. This medicine

wholistically brings nourishment, balance, regeneration, and strengthening to restore body, mind, emotion and spirit for the most

complete healing possible. 


   A specialized branch of Chinese Medicine, Scalp Acupuncture incorporates the latest brain research and clinical

expertise with an expanded updated scalp acupuncture map which correlates  brain anatomy and function, together with

advanced Chinese Acupuncture techniques.  Results are immediate, cumulative,  and remarkable for acute and chronic pain

and a wide range of neurological conditions and diseases.


    Auricular Medicine offers exceptional neurological diagnosis and treatment.  Importantly, it offers pain reduction or elimination for any 

pain, chronic, acute, phantom, or neuropathy, and it's effects begin almost instantaneously  Major nerves traverse the auricles (external ears)

providing direct transmission to the nearby brain for powerful and accurate neurological acupuncture treatment. In addition to the

neurological condition of the patient, Auricular Diagnosis provides accurate, precise, and extensive information about the health,

disease, or dysfunction of the entire body's anatomy, syndromes, all systems and organs, and reveals over 200 diseases, sometimes

before they show up on conventional tests. When Scalp Acupuncture and Auricular Medicine are combined in treatment, overall results

are vastly enhanced by their synergy.



​   Negative feelings, anxiety, worry, fear, or depression frequently accompany chronic serious illness,  especially with

psycho-neurological conditions such as Alzheimers, ADD, and dementia. Dr TruthSayer employs ancient Classical Chinese Medicine,  

modern Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy, and relevant Energetic Medicines such as Homeopathy. Treatments unblock, shift, move,

raise up spirit  and consciousness, assisting the healing process and provide tranquility and an improved quality of life. 


  Traditional Chinese Medicine has a 3000 year history.  Today, over a quarter of the world's population relies on it's efficacy. Many acupuncture points and herbal medicines have been used historically and consistently throughout modern times, with consideralbe

effect for neurological disorders. This medicine underlies and is an important part of successful patient treatment. Safe, effective

and without side effects or surgical procedures Chinese Medicine, as is true for  Transcendental Medicine can also be combined

with conventional treatments.


   Dr TruthSayer is a Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (DAOM),  a Licensed Acupuncturist (LAC),  Board Certified (DIp.OM),

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist (LMFT), Certified Hypnotherapist (CHT), Certified Rehabilitation Counselor (CRC), Certified Addiction

and Alcohol Counselor (CAC), EMDR Therapist and Consultant,  President Emeritus of the California State Oriental Acupuncture Association,

Vice President Word Auricular Medicine Association, Founder of Transcendental Medicine.  She speaks Mandarin and American

Sign Language.   


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Research and clinical studies 

  In an article published on-line, regarding experimental research after cerebral infarction, SA was found to have an "obvious effect in   increasing the blood oxygen supply and brain blood flow in the surviving brain tissue, and increase in the lateral circulation function so that surviving brain tissue have more compensatory ability." Other SA positive effects post-stroke hemiplegia include: dilating vessels, improving vascular viscosity, and enhancing sensory and motor functions. Acupuncture for Treating Cerebral Conditions/Diseases/Scalp Acupuncture.  TCM CLINEEK. December 2013.

   Ji Nan and colleagues used SA to treat sequelae of stroke and cerebral injury claiming improvement in all but 3 or 128 patients, with treatments deemed markedly effective in 42.8% of the total group .Ji Nan, et al. A study on the Mechanism of Acupuncture Therapy in theTreatment of  Sequelae of Cerebrovascular Accident or Cerebral Injury. Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine. 1987.

  For Apoplexy: SA had a "good curative effect on apoplexy ...possibly due to it's ability to regulate plasma endothelin content (PET)". Based on 30 cases of apoplexy treated.  Scalp Acupuncture for Treatment of Apoplexy and Effect on Plasma Endothelin Content. www.en.cnki.com.cn

  For Multiple Sclerosis: SA has proven to have most success in treating Multiple Sclerosis and other central nervous damage as compared to other acupuncture  modalities.  It can improve symptoms, quality of life, and slow progress of physical disability, reduce the number of relapses, reduce pain and numbness, reduce spasms, improveweakness, paralysis, and balance.  SA often produces remarkable results after just a few needles are inserted. Studies show that 87% of patients had instant improvements.  Acupuncture Today. April 2008. Volume 09, Issue 04. ​Treatment of Multiple Sclerosis by Scalp  Acupuncture. Jason Jishun Hao and Linda Lingzhi.

  For Disorders of the Central Nervous System, 80 diseases, Acute & Chronic Pain: Lu Shoukange, of the Beijing College of Acupuncture, Moxibustion, Orthopedics, and Traumatology, in the Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine,reported that more than 80 diseases of the central nervous system and acute and chronic pain such as neurasthenia, anxiety neurosis, and other psychological and psycho-somatic disorders, peri-arthritis of the shoulders, ischialgia, pain in the back and loin, painful heels, other pain syndromes, hemiplegia, aphasia, senile dementia, and other brain disorders can be treated effectively with SA,

   For ParalysisA study by Wan Zhije and associates on the effect of SA, indicates that cholinesterase is inhibited (about 15%), and at the same time, muscle force of the extremities is increased.  Further mircocirculation is notably enhanced measured through speed of blood flow through nail bed capillaries increased by over 30%Wan Zhijie, et al, Study on the Treatment of Hemiplegia with Scalp Points. Journal of Integrating Chinese with Modern Medicine. 1996.

    Physicians treated 20 patients who had suffered a stroke within the prior 10 days. SA areas were selected for treatment.  Stroke patients had a higher plasma thromboxane level and lower plasma 6-ketone prostaglandin levels due to the stroke. After treatment the thromboxane level was lower and the 6-ketone prostaglandin level rose.  Changeswere statistically significant.  Zhou Yin and Wan Jin.

Treatment of Post-Stroke Syndrome by Acupuncture. Shanghai Journal of Acupuncture and Moxibustion. 1997.

   In a report of treatment for psudobulbar paralysis, Drs Qu Hong, Ren Liping, and Guo Yi used SA.  The treatment was effective in all 28 cases. They reported that 19 cases were cured (68%) and 9 cases (32%) were markedly effective. The shortest course of treatment was 4 sessions.

  In a review of SA therapy in clinical reports of 2,917 cases of hemiplegia treated in 34 clinics revealed an effective rate of 94.5%, with 58.9% markedly improved.  Graphic EEG changes of amplitude, decrease of frequency, decrease of the angle of the main peak, deepening of the valley of the wave indicate that SA dilates blood vessels, improves vascular elasticity, reinforces cardiac contraction and increases cerebral blood flow.Jiao Guorui.  An Introduction to the Study of Acupuncture and Moxibustion in China, Part 11. Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine. 1984.

​   For Hallucinations: Dr Zhang Mingju reported on treatment of hallucinations using SA. 71% of the patients were cured and 19% markedly  improved.  Zhang Mingju. Treatment of 296 Cases of Hallucination with Scalp Acupuncture. ​Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine. 1988.

    For Parkinson's Disease:​Dr Pei Xin Huang reported that although present pharmaceutical approaches to treatment achieve certain therapeutic effects, many severe side effects usually result, whereas Chinese Medicine offers superior therapeutic results with very low or no side effects.  Chinese medical treatment applies a strategy of regulating, strengthening physical resistance, eliminating pathogens, and tonifyingStroke & Parkinson's Disease: The Clinical Practice of Chinese Medicine. Pei Xin Huang. 2008.

   In a study that included 12 people with Parkinson's Disease, as well as 12 people without the condition, functional MRI brain scans at the start and after acupuncture treatment were performed.  Researchers found that post-acupuncture, the brain regions of the putamen, caudate, thalamus, and substantial nigra had all increased neural activity.  These brain regions are known to be affected by Parkinson's. Acupuncture Could Play Role in Treating Parkinson's Symptoms, Study Suggests. Huffington Healthy Living. 10/21/2012.

   For Tourette's Jennifer Smestad began developing Tourette's Syndrome when she was 10 years old. Nevertheless her determination to rise above any obstacles led her to finding acupuncture for her condition, and  being able to become Miss Arizona in September, 2013, at the Miss America pageant in Atlantic City.  She has been working with the Arizona chapter of Tourette's Syndrome Association to spread awareness about the disorder  and to let others know they too can find relief through Traditional Chinese Medicine. Beating Tourette's Gaining Life - Miss Arizona Credits Acupuncture With Helping Her Win Her Life Back. The Journal of Chinese Medicine. November 2013. Vol 4,

​Number 11.