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At Transcendental Acupuncture Clinic ,  exceptionally effective results, and a range of very specialized Chinese Medicine treatments developed by Dr TruthSayer.


Areas of Specialization:

"NEUROLOGICAL DISORDERS": Delivering amazingly  effective  treatments for Parkinsons,

MS, Stroke, Palsy, Brain Injury, Seizures, Stroke, etc. featuring specialty-advanced  Chinese Medicine: Scalp Acupuncture,  Auricular Medicine, Transcendental Comprehensive Medicine, and Traditional & Classical Chinese Medicine and more.... 

"FERTILITY & REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH FOR WOMEN & MEN":  Chinese reproductive medicine is reported to be twice as effective as conventional methods, less expensive, safer, and healthier for the couple and the baby and more.... 

 "VISION IMPROVEMENT PROGRAM": All-Natural Solution:  Throw away  glasses and contacts, avoid surgeries and drugs, help for cataracts, macular degeneration and more....

"WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM": A comprehensive program to change your weight and health.  Diet,  Education,     Acupuncture, Nutrition, Hypnotherapy, Support. This works where others fail and more.....

"TARGET PAIN & SPORTS MEDICINE  CLINIC" -Focused and precise,  Target Acupuncture gets to the pain faster, and speeds healing with the  rapid and effective power and directed precision of Auricular Acupuncture-Medicine.  Expect exceptional results for Musculo-Skeletal, Sprains, Strains, Cramps, Headache, Wounds,  Repetitive Injury, Inflammation, Nerve pain and more.....


"COMPREHENSIVE MEDICINE":1 1/2 -2 hour Comprehensive Diagnosis & Treatment Plan for the most complete, permanent results possible, healing root cause(s) of your condition and more.... 

                                                       Specialized Treatments Include:

"Scalp Acupuncture": Neurological and Psycho-neurological treatment

"Auricular (Ear) X-ray Acupuncture Medicine": Western & Chinese Diagnosis & Advanced Treatment 

"Transcendental Acupuncture": Created by Dr TruthSayer for dramatic Psychological-Emotional Shifts

"Target Acupuncture::  Focused, amazingly fast & effective pain-killer Acupuncture

In-House Pharmacy:  Features the highest quality   Raw Herbs - Pills/Tablets - Powders

We accept VISA - MASTERCARD - AMERICAN EXPRESS     By Appointment: 415-686-1193 

Monthly Workshops: 820C Fifth St. San Rafael 

Transcendental Medicine  Discussion Group

Women's Fertility Support Group

Neurological Conditions Support Group

X-Ray Acupuncture  Demonstration & Talk

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 Pain Management . Brain Injury.  Infertility.  Gynecology. Hypnotherapy 

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featuring:  Target Acupuncture .   Psychotherapy .   Comprehensive Diagnosis & Treatment