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At Transcendental Acupuncture Clinic ,  exceptionally effective results with specialized Chinese Medicine treatments developed by Dr TruthSayer.

                       New Chinese Medicine Specialty Delivers Neurological Benefits

N E U R A C U P A T H Y:  Scalp & Auricular Neurological Medicine

    NEURACUPATHY, developed by Dr TruthSayer, is a therapeutic system that combines sophisticated, advanced specialties in Traditional Chinese Medicine with Western Medicine to treat neurological disorders with rapid and remarkable effectiveness.



   Dr TruthSayer is treating:

              PARKINSONS  -  STROKE  -  PALSY

              MIGRAINE  -  VERTIGO  -  EPILEPSY

              PARALYSIS  -  MS  -  SHINGLES




      In the past 75 years, SCALP ACUPUNCTURE  & AURICULAR MEDICINE, are two cutting edge specialties that have emerged, enhanced by the latest advances in medical scientific research about the brain, cerebral cortex, spinal cord, and nerve systems.  

      In SCALP ACUPUNCTURE treatment, stimulation of acupuncture zones and acupoints on the scalp have shown numerous neurological benefits. According to research, SCALP ACUPUNCTURE awakens

brain nerve cells, delays neuron death, modulates and promotes recovery of neuron function. 

AURICULAR MEDICINE is based on the auricles being microsystems  of the body. The auricle is heavily innervated providing access to the body's entire neurological system, facilitating instantaneous transmission and reception of neurological information between the body and brain, thereby delivering exceptional treatment results using advanced acupuncture techniques.  NEURACUPATHY uniquely combines these to create a profound synergy for the diagnosis and treatment of neurological disorders and diseases.


INTEGRATED CANCER TREATMENT Combining Chinese & Conventional Treatment

    Research has shown that combining conventional cancer treatments, radiation, chemotherapy, or surgery with Chinese Medicine has shown significant patient treatment benefits:

       +reduced pain

       +reduction in tumor size

       +increased survival rates

       +stengthens the immune system

       +treats nausea, loss of appetite, vomiting

       +improved energy and quality of life

       +reduced headache, depression, anxiety

       + reduced relapse rates

       +reduced complication rates

       +treats neuropathy-burning, tingling, numbness,

       +reduces mouth and throat sores

   Western conventional cancer treatments as well as the cancer itself can cause severe chronic health issues and negative side effects.  Scientific research and vast clinical experience show Chinese Medicine can diminish these, augment the positive effects of treatment, and without adding more detrimental side effects, bring positive & powerful  cancer fighting medicine to restore health.

   Dr TruthSayer's cancer treatment is  a synergistic medicine cabinet of proven resources: the ancient wisdom of TRADITIONAL CHINESE MEDICINE, the diagnostic and treatment  efficacy and precision of AURICULAR MEDICINE, and the comprehesive wholistic body-mind-spirit reach of  TRANSCENDENTAL MEDICINE.  Additional prescriptive therapies and modalities include: nutritionals, dietary modification, detoxification, immune enhancing herbal supplementation,

qi-gong energy exercises, individual and group psycho-therapeutics.


"TARGET PAIN & SPORTS MEDICINE  CLINIC" -Focused and precise,  Target Acupuncture gets to the pain faster, and speeds healing with the  rapid and effective power and directed precision of Auricular Medicine.  Expect exceptional results for Musculo-Skeletal, Sprains, Strains, Cramps, Headache, Wounds,  Repetitive Injury, Inflammation, Nerve pain and more.....


"COMPREHENSIVE MEDICINE":1 1/2 -2 hour Comprehensive Diagnosis & Treatment Plan for the most complete, permanent results possible, healing root cause(s) of your condition and more.... 

                                                       Specialized Treatments Include:

"Scalp Acupuncture": Neurological and Psycho-neurological treatment

"Auricular Medicine": Western & Chinese Diagnosis & Advanced Treatment 

"Transcendental Medicine": Created by Dr TruthSayer for dramatic Psychological-Emotional Shifts

"Target Acupuncture::  Focused, amazingly fast & effective pain-elimination

In-House Pharmacy:  Features the highest quality   Raw Herbs - Pills/Tablets - Powders

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